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Durell_100504_seiu_na_0744Speaking To Engage and Motivate

Jim is a teacher/trainer who connects. From teen leaders to senior business and civic leadership, from creatives seeking to find their voice to care giver support group volunteers needing a word of encouragement he has the ability to draw you in to a place of learning, creativity and personal motivation. A sample of topics includes: Finding Balance and Calm in the Chaos of Life, Discover Map and Monetize Your Life, Building Principles for Success from the Puzzle Pieces of Your Life, Don’t Forget Your Morning Meds an urban approach to meditation, and many more.

Peer to Peer Collaboration and TrainingAs a Coach and Guide

Calling on over 30 years of people development skills such as peer to peer learning, story mapping, interactive listening and contemplative reflection Jim serves as a coach/guide who hears and sees into the heart mind and spirit of his client friends helping them to find their true voice and celebrate their unique gifts and abilities. Business owners, writers, managers, sales staff, and more find and fulfill the potential released. Those in transition whether it be career choices , onset of debilitating illness, retirement, or relational challenges at work or home benefit from his platform of holistic thoughtful inquire.

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Knowing the details of our future may not be possible, but we can discover elements of our future by being more aware in the present. And when those elements are brought together in our minds and our understanding we, you and I,  join in the creation of future realities.

– Jim Genet

As a teacher/consultant, Jim Genet brings to the table 30 years of experience in speaking, recruiting, training and motivating people to reach for higher levels of understanding and personal  success. During his  presentations Jim will engage the listener’s imagination through stories that teach transformational principles and stimulate the self-discovery mechanism resident in all of us. In small group settings peer to peer communication and self discovery are primary.